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Are you interested in one of these vehicles?

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Settled in 5 steps

1. Find your vehicle

On our website you can search for the right vehicle for you. Keep in mind that only trucks and trailers with a maximum age of 6 years are applicable for lease. For all appropriate vehicles we show some indicative lease prices on our website. Furthermore you can immediately see and compare the possible lease periods.

2. Make your lease request

If you have found the right vehicle you can request a lease offer easily without any obligations.

3. You receive an offer

One of our salespeople will come up with a concrete offer based on the vehicle you are interested in, the lease period you selected and the country where you want to register the vehicle.

4. Signing the contract

If you accept our offer we like to receive some financial documents regarding your organization. These documents will be verified by our financial partner. When all documents are verified, the lease contract can be signed.

5. Pick up your vehicle

After the contract is signed you can pick up your vehicle(s) at BAS Trucks.

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