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Black friday bij BAS Trucks
Black Friday promotion at BAS: Save up to €295,-Only this Black Friday at BAS:
  • Free upgrade to our oil service worth €195,-
  • Get an extra €100,- discount on all our BLACK vehicles!
We like to offer all our clients a special deal on black Friday: we’ll give you a free upgrade from our “delivery service” to our “oil service” which saves you €195,-.

Delivery Service


Complete Service

Trailer Delivery Service

€200 From €395
Now €200
€750 €125
All oil levels on max
All water levels on max
Check leakages (drivable)
Check brakes (optical)
Technical check for defects
Check tyre pressure
Check lights (drivable)
Check function control Tacho
Central greasing/nipples will be checked and refilled
Change motor oil BP Multifleet
Change gearbox + differential oil BP Energear SHX M €200²
Replace oil filter
Replace fuel filter / water seperator €55¹
Replace air dryer filter
Replace interior filter
Replace air dryer filter
Replace steering oil filter
Replace AdBlue filter
Defects will be communicated

¹ Alleen als aanvulling op de Oil Service

² Alleen als aanvulling op de Complete Service (4x2-6x2 €200,- & 4x4-4x6 €300,-)

Rules of this black Friday promotion:
  • Orders need to be signed by Saturday 24-11 12:00 o'clock in order to qualify for the upgrade and discount described on this page
  • Discount applies to the price advertised on the website
  • BAS reserves the right to end or change this promotion at any time

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