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Required documents for buying a vehicle

If you want to buy a truck or trailer from us, we need the following documents from you:

Sales in The Netherlands
For the ascription of your truck or trailer, we need the following documents from you

  • Copy of valid drivers' licence or passport

  • Extract from Chamber of Commerce (up to 1 year old)

Sales in Europe
To be able to invoice at a 0% VAT rate within Europe we have to prove that our customer does business in a legal way for the specified company and VAT number. Therefore we need:

  • Copy of valid drivers' licence or passport

  • Valid VAT number

  • VAT Proof, for example:

    • Extract of the Chamber of Commerce

    • Trading Authorization of Business

    • Business card

    • Official stationery

Sales outside Europe
If you want to come to BAS Trucks and pick up the vehicle by yourself we ask you for a deposit regarding the export document. For that we need:

  • Copy of valid drivers' licence
  • Copy of a passport

The deposit for the export document is immediately refunded to you once the export document is properly signed off at customs.

For the deposit we use the following standard rules:

Sales price Deposit to be paid
0 - 5000 EUR 500 euro
5000 - 10000 EUR 750 euro
10000 - 50000 EUR 1000 euro
50000 - 80000 EUR 1500 euro
> 80000 EUR In agreement with salesman

In case BAS Trucks takes care of the transport and/or shipping you don't have to pay a deposit for the export document.

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