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Lease in Europe

BAS Trucks developed a unique lease concept to lease used trucks and trailers.
At BAS Trucks you can lease a used truck in 4 different European countries:

Our financial partners

The lease concept is developed in collaboration with a number of big financial institutions.
Your financial partner is always locally represented. We cooperate with the following institutions:

Raiffeisen Leasing

Raiffeisen Leasing is our financial partner in the following countries:

BAS Lease

BAS Lease is our financial partner in:


If Raiffeisen Leasing is your financial partner we offer you an optional warranty of 3 months on the moving, inner parts of the powertrain (engine, gearbox and rear axle). For the other countries/partners where this option is not possible, only the (if applicable) manufacturer warranty is offered.

Types of lease

Every country where BAS Trucks offers the possibility to lease a vehicle has its own types of lease and lease prices. Per country we made specific agreements with our financial partner in that country. The price structure of your lease is a mixed composition of 3 aspects:

  • The down payment
  • The monthly fee
  • Any residual value

When you are searching for the right vehicle on our website you can look at the lease prices on the vehicle detail page (if leasing is possible for that vehicle). Here you can select your country and immediately take a look at the different lease prices.

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