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Lease conditions Romania

  • The company has not petitioned or is not in the process of petitioning for bankruptcy.
  • There is no current or past liquidation process of other companies of the owners.
  • The company is legally registered in Romania.
  • Age of the owner or representative is not older than 65 or younger than 18 years.
  • The company is not an off-shore company.
  • There are no overdue liabilities to another bank or leasing company older than 60 days.
  • Management and principal owners have no negative track record and/or references
    (e.g.: criminal record/background or has/had connection to criminal groups).
  • The company is not on the list of excluded companies:
    • - Gambling casinos and betting
    • - Manufacturing of weapons, ammunition and military equipment
    • - Nuclear power production
    • - Pending, financial institutions, leasing companies, exchange houses
    • - Religious, political, charitable or non-profit organizations
    • - Tobacco production
    • - Offensive/ sexual based business
    • - Production causing ecological damages
    • - Cash based businesses specializing in jewellery, second-hand traders in cars or other goods
    • - Multilevel marketing
    • - Sport and entertainment parks, aqua parks, wellness services
    • - Shipbuilding

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