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Lease conditions Slovakia

  • Company has not petitioned or is in the process of petitioning for bankruptcy.
  • There is no current or past liquidation process of other companies of the owners.
  • No past due tax liabilities on day of application above materiality threshold.
  • No past due social security/ unemployment insurance payments above materiality threshold.
  • No past due liabilities to another bank or leasing company.
  • On site visit isn't refused by customer
  • Company isn't legally registered in Slovakia.
  • Company is authorized to operate within relevant industry sector according to legal regulations.
  • Management and principal owners don't have negative track record and/or references (e.g. criminal record).
  • No pending lawsuit or judgments against customer that might have a negative effect on solvency.
  • Verification of financials isn't refused by customer.
  • Verification of asset (physical check and check of asset origin) isn't refused by customer
  • The companies activity is not on the excluded industries list
    (additional criteria up to the decision of Raiffeisen Leasing Polska S.A. Credit Committee):
    • - Gambling casinos, gaming and betting
    • - Manufacturing of weapons, ammunition and military equipment
    • - Nuclear power production
    • - Lending, financial institutions, leasing companies
    • - Religious, political, charitable or non-profit organizations
    • - Tobacco production
    • - Offensive/sexual based business
    • - Production causing ecological damages
    • - Multilevel marketing
    • - Shipbuilding
    • - Production and retail sale of paramedical products (e.g. smart drugs)

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